Enhancing Your Website with Advanced Custom Field: A Guide for Theme Builders

In the dynamic landscape of website development, the seamless integration of WordPress and Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) has become a crucial element for crafting exceptional user experiences. When combined with powerful theme builders like Elementor, Divi, and Avada, this integration offers a plethora of opportunities to create tailor-made websites that stand out from the crowd. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the process of integrating WordPress and ACF with these popular theme builders to unlock the full potential of your website.

Understanding Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

Before we dive into the integration process, let’s first understand what Advanced Custom Fields is. ACF is a WordPress plugin that empowers developers and designers to add custom fields to content, enabling the creation of flexible and dynamic websites. Whether you’re building a blog, an e-commerce site, or a portfolio, ACF allows you to incorporate extra data fields that can be seamlessly integrated into your website’s design.
Advanced Custom Fields

Why Choose Elementor, Divi, or Avada?

Theme builders like Elementor, Divi, and Avada have revolutionized the way websites are designed and developed. Their intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces eliminate the need for extensive coding knowledge, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced developers to create stunning websites. Moreover, these theme builders come equipped with an array of customizable modules, templates, and design options, giving you the freedom to bring your creative vision to life.

Integrating ACF with Elementor

Install and Activate ACF and Elementor:

Begin by installing and activating the Advanced Custom Fields plugin and the Elementor page builder on your WordPress website.

Create Custom Fields:

Within the WordPress dashboard, navigate to the ACF settings and define the custom fields you want to include in your posts or pages. These fields can range from text and images to more complex data like galleries and repeaters.

Integrate with Elementor:

After creating your custom fields, use the Elementor editor to design your posts or pages. Utilize Elementor’s dynamic content feature to integrate the ACF custom fields seamlessly into your design. This way, you can display dynamic content without writing a single line of code.

Combining ACF with Divi

Install ACF and Divi:

Like with Elementor, start by installing and activating the Advanced Custom Fields plugin and the Divi theme on your WordPress site.

Design Your Custom Fields:

Set up your desired custom fields using ACF. You can create fields that hold text, images, URLs, and more, depending on your content needs.

Integrate ACF in Divi:

In the Divi Builder, you can use the Dynamic Content option to insert ACF custom fields into various modules, such as text, images, and calls to action. This allows you to populate your content with dynamic data effortlessly.

Empowering Avada with ACF Integration

Install ACF and Avada:

Begin by installing and activating the Advanced Custom Fields plugin and the Avada theme on your WordPress website.

Craft Your Custom Fields:

Utilize ACF to craft the custom fields that will enhance your content’s flexibility and interactivity.

Seamless Integration with Avada:

Avada’s Fusion Builder incorporates ACF integration, enabling you to pull data from custom fields and display it within your design. This empowers you to create content-rich pages that resonate with your audience.


The integration of Advanced Custom Fields with theme builders like Elementor, Divi, and Avada ushers in a new era of website development. By harnessing the power of ACF, you can infuse your content with dynamic and tailored elements that captivate your visitors. With these user-friendly theme builders, the possibilities are limitless, allowing you to create websites that are both visually stunning and highly functional.

Unlock the potential of your website today by merging the capabilities of WordPress, Advanced Custom Fields, and your chosen theme builder. Elevate your online presence and offer an exceptional user experience that leaves a lasting impression.

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