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Drink Twisto faced significant challenges in attracting and retaining customers, primarily because of their outdated online platform and sluggish loading times. To enhance their digital presence and boost sales, they recognized the urgent need for a revamped website that would prioritize search engine optimization (SEO), optimize speed, and embrace a mobile-first approach. With these improvements, Drink Twisto aimed to create an engaging online experience that would resonate with their target audience, improve their visibility in search results, and ultimately drive sales to new heights.


Blossomtechs collaborated closely with Drink Twisto to create a bespoke WordPress and WooCommerce website tailored to their specific requirements. This collaborative effort resulted in the development of a cutting-edge platform that fulfilled Drink Twisto’s vision. The website was meticulously crafted to be highly SEO-friendly, featuring optimized page titles and descriptions, clean URL structures, and schema markup, ensuring improved visibility on search engines. Speed optimization was a top priority, with a focus on minimizing page load times and enhancing overall performance. Additionally, the website boasted a mobile-first approach, employing a responsive design that seamlessly adapted to various screen sizes and devices, delivering an exceptional user experience.
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Drink Twisto
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Drink Twisto entrusted Blossomtechs with their outdated website, and the transformation has been nothing short of remarkable. Blossomtechs worked their magic and created a modern and intuitive online store that exceeded all expectations. The impact was immediate and undeniable. The new website is exceptionally fast, providing a seamless browsing experience across various devices. Since the launch, Drink Twisto has experienced a substantial surge in both website traffic and sales, bringing them closer to their business goals. Blossomtechs' unwavering commitment to detail and their relentless pursuit of delivering top-quality outcomes sets them apart from the rest. Drink Twisto is thrilled with the results and eagerly anticipates future collaborations with Blossomtechs for upcoming projects.

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Long-term Business Relationship

Drink Twisto has forged an enduring partnership with Blossomtechs, extending beyond the initial website design and development phase. Blossomtechs has been instrumental in undertaking a range of website maintenance and optimization projects for Drink Twisto, ensuring their online platform remains up-to-date and performing optimally. The exceptional service provided by Blossomtechs has garnered the trust and satisfaction of Drink Twisto to such an extent that they have enthusiastically recommended Blossomtechs to several other businesses seeking WordPress and WooCommerce website design solutions. This continued collaboration between Drink Twisto and Blossomtechs serves as a testament to the exceptional level of customer satisfaction, the unrivaled expertise of Blossomtechs, and the unwavering trust that Drink Twisto has placed in their capabilities.